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Online Store

Is it better to have my own Online Store or use a third party platform?

Online Store

We get this question a lot. Should I have my own Online Store or use a third party website like Etsy to sell my items? This depends on your budget and your time. If you don’t have any budget to spend on your marketing and branding and you just want to start selling items you can definitely use a third party platform for this matter. But if you have budget and time to spend on your marketing and branding then definitely having your own online store is much better. When you own your store you can work on your brand, use different methods of advertisement for your online store, write content and connect better with your target audience. You make long term relationship through your own branded website and social media platform. And you have the chance and opportunity to become bigger and more profitable. Create landing pages and bring people to your website, engage them with your content, connect with them and gain their trust through your blog, and then sell them something that they are looking for.

Having your own online store gives you more control over your items and how you want to present them. You wouldn’t need to give part of your sales to a third party. Also having your own online store make you reputation over time for Search Engines and they recognize you for what you offer and you’ll become more visible and more visible when people search for products that you are offering.

Best Solution for an Online Store?

There are different solutions to have your own online store. Depending on the nature of your products, your audience, your budget, and time you can go with different platforms. We’ll help you with your decision making and guide you to pick the platform that best serves you.

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