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Responsive Website

Responsive website has become an industry standard. Search engines want to give users the best possible experience. When designing the website it is important to consider users in mind.

Ask yourself is your website easy to browse, is it readable, can users find what they are looking for easily through menu, does it load fast, is it secure, etc…

At Think & Grow Digital we take care of your user’s experience. We make sure they would have a very easy experience interacting with your website. We also apply SEO best practices from the first stages of your website development.

  • Responsive

  • User Friendly

  • Secure

  • SEO best practices

How does this affect SEO?

Google sends visitors to websites that are about the term they have searched. When visitors of your site click on your link, open you site, and immediately go back to the search engine results page, Google thinks that your site might not be the best option for the searched term. And next time give you a lower rank for the searched term.

Your mobile site shouldn’t be significantly different from your desktop version. Visitors will get frustrated when they are looking for something they have found before on the desktop version. And if you don’t have a mobile site, more than 60% of visitors will go back to the search results page because they couldn’t read your website easily. This affects your bounce rate and your rank on the search engines results page. With a responsive website you will give visitors all the content they are looking for in an easy to read format.


Your website is your online presence. It is your first impression. It is the gate you communicate with your target audience. Through your website you earn more money. So you need to make sure your website is working in your favor. An excellent website gives you more profit, happy visitors, qualified leads, and happy clients. You need to make sure your website is giving you, visitors, and search engines what each is looking for.

Search engines look for fast, mobile responsive websites that can answer visitor’s question. They make a note of visitor’s experience by evaluating how much each visitor spent on your site for the specific term they have searched.

Visitors look for websites they can easily read, navigate, and find their answers to.

You want more profit for your business through your website.

Now check and see if your website is fulfilling these requirements.

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